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This article contains the process for JDE Sandbox environment provisioning.


**NOTE:  There is not an AD group or Citrix group for JDE Sandbox to add the user to. Saul Letterman must give the user a direct link to Sandbox application.


  1. Create a Zendesk ticket if one is not already created.
  2. Verify the following information in the Add/change JDE access form that was attached to the ticket.
  • Name of requester  
  • Date of request

    For each person needing access:
  • Name
  • Department
  • Email address
  • JDE Role template
  • Date required
  • Approved by Name
  • Approved by Title
  • Approved by Date
  • Approved by Signature

IMPORTANT: The request form must be signed off by a finance Director or above for the business unit.

  • Check AD and confirm the person signing off has a  Job Title of Finance Director,  Finance Controllers, Finance VP, Finance EVP 

*NOTE: If the form is not attached to the ticket, send the user the form. Called  User_Role Change Add_BLANKFORM(final)

  1. Make sure the following checklist is documented in the ticket:
  • JDE Form received from requestor: Date/status
  • Confirmed signed off by correct approver: Date/status
  • IOC provisioned request: Date/status
  • Assigned to GSI JDE Daymon (provisioning and end user notification of login): Date/Status
  1. Assign ticket to Secure 24 to be routed to GSI JDE Daymon.


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