Overview of EDI 





This is an overview of EDI (Electronic Data interface) 

  • Runs on AS\400 
  • All electronic invoices & P.O’s between suppliers & customers that include Daymon as a Carbon Copy 
  • Put into EDI and translated from EDI to AS400 then pushed to SCBMS 
  • Mostly used by KSSC (Kansas employees) 


Application Name: 

  • EDI 

Support Team Name: 

  • Assignment Group  - DAY EDI Support  

Support Owner: 

User Method of Access: 

  • Some remote users access web client via Citrix 
  • It appears as an extra menu in the AS400 green screen 

Process for Requesting/Modifying Access: 

  • Need AS400 access 
  • Access requests will come to the helpdesk and should be routed to the Daymon EDI Support Assignment group 
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