Java Not Installed - VPN - DAY



Issue: Java Not Installed - VPN - DAY 

Description:  Guide to install VPN



The end user is getting the following error: 



Java is not installed on the end user's computer. 

  1. Resolution Have the user click Update (recommended), in the error or go to and download the latest version.
  2.  Click Agree and Start free download. Depending on security settings, an option will be presented at the bottom of the page to save the file. Click Save 

3. Click Run 

     4. The Java setup will come up. Click Install

     5Java will prompt you for administrator username and password.  Enter administrator credentials.  Installation will proceed. 

  • If the browser is open when installing Java, the following message will come up. Click Close Browser and continue

  • Java will start installing.

6. When Java is completely installed click Close. 

Reference : NA

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