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This article contains the process for installing VPN on Windows. 


Note: This must be performed in Internet Explorer. 

  1.  Have the user access the site
  2. Confirm the end user is using their username and not their email address to log in. 
  3. Once logged the Host checker will start, click install (if the first time) or Allow for all websites. 


  • If a Security window pops up, click Yes
  • If Java is up to date the following window might come up. Make sure to check Do not Show this again for this app and web site and then click Allow.  This will require new screenshot showing new Server Name 

4. Host checker Setup control window will display. Click Always.  This will require new screenshot of new vpn server: 


  • Host Checker will download.


5. Once the Host checker is downloaded the VPN page will display; if Junos Pulse login does not pop up then click the Start button next to Junos Pulse

  • If Juniper was already installed and this isn't the first time logging into the new VPN site then the following window should come up. Input user’s credentials and save settings then

  • You will know the user is connected to the VPN because the pulse icon will be displayed in their task bar.


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