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This article contains the process for adding resources to the VPN portal (share drives and/or web bookmarks). 


*Note: By default, the new VPN will not contain published Shared Drives or Web Bookmarks on the landing page. One exception has been made so far – the JDE users will have three web links published. However, users can create their own web bookmarks or share drives in their VPN portal. 

1. Log on to 

  • The default VPN portal view should look like this: 

Adding web bookmarks: 

1. In the Web Bookmarks section, in the right-inside click on the plus sign: 

2. In the newly opened window, fill out open fields using the example below and, when done, click ‘Add Bookmark’: 

  •  The end result will look like this:

3. To open the newly created bookmark, a user would either click on the web link or  the little square on the right-inside: 


IMPORTANT: Step 4 is very important!!!  

4. Check the Open bookmark in a new window option. 

  • The result is self-explanatory.- The Do not display the Web browser’s URL address bar and Do not display the Web browser’s menu and the toolbar are to be considered when IOC is creating a pre-staged bookmark for a specific user group (this requests are to be considered carefully; approval needs to come from NetOps) 

Adding Shared Drives: 

1. In the Files section of the VPN portal, click on the plus sign on the right inside: 

  •  If you know the exact path to the desired folder, type it in the open filed next to the Browse button:


2. In the next window, you can accomplish the same results using two methods: 

  • Check-off the desired folder and choose BookmarkSelected…

  • Click the Bookmark Current Folder option – top right:

3. In the next window, make any changes if necessary: 

  • The final result should look like this:



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