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This article contains the process for using KissFlow. KissFlow will be replacing DNA for all Hardware/Software and new user requests. 

Contractors / Consultants cannot be invited to Kissflow nor added to the Employee Master List. They are not permitted to submit requests as this should be done by their requester or Manager. 


  • User can get to KissFlow by going to and clicking Services> Information Technology> IT Support Portal> Make a Request. 

*Note: Or you can send them this link via Lync and they will be directed to the page. 


  • User will choose which Request they want to start. Once completed a workflow will be created and only after the VP has approved the request will a ticket be created to the Helpdesk.
  • For New User Request Click KB00122
  • For Mobile Device Click Here
  • For JD Edwards Access Click KB00015. (Link to Request JDE access in KissFlow KB submitted)
  • For New or Replacement PC Click KB00080. (link to New Replacement Hardware in KissFlow KB submitted) 


  • Once the VP approves the requester will receive an email stating their request is complete. When they click on the link in the email it will take them back to the request page. The right-hand corner they will see the progress. 

  • The help desk should be receiving a ticket created byITRequest@daymon.comto start the provisioning process. 

Common Issues/Fixes 

  •  Page will not load correctly 
  • Check the Browser version. Browser is only support in IE 10 and above, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. 
  • What if the cost center is not in the Dropdown when making new requests? 
  • Contact the Netops Team to have the Cost Center added 
  • What if the wrong VP is getting the approvals? 
  • Contact Netops Team to have the VP added  
  • Error Message 

  • Click OK which will need to be done for every drop down or refresh the page completely and start the form over. 
  • Blank page upon clicking any of the selections. 
    • The user has not been added to the Active Users list. Click Here for instructions. 



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