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KiSSFLOW is the first workflow product built exclusively for Google Apps. It offers Google Apps customers a simple and efficient way to automate workflows around their existing email user base. KiSSFLOWstands for Keep It Simple & Smart Workflow. 

*Note: This will be replacing DNA for all provisioning/Hardware requests. 

Contractors / Consultants cannot be invited to Kissflow nor added to the Employee Master List. They are not permitted to submit requests as this should be done by their requester or Manager. 

  • KissFlow 
  • Keep it Simple & Smart Workflow   

Application Owner: 

  • Daymon Netops  

Support Owner: 

  •  Daymon Netops 

Client Users: 

  • All Daymon Employees who are requesting provisioning for software or hardware requests. 

User Method of Access: 

Process for Requesting/Modifying Access: 

  • None 

 Authentication Method: 

  •  Single Sign On  

System Requirements: 

 Works best in Chrome and Firefox as well as Safari. Incompatible with IE. 

Common Issues/Fixes: 

  •  Page will not load correctly 
  • Check the Browser version. Supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
  • What if the wrong VP is getting the approvals?
  • Contact a core team member to have the employee master updated.
  • Blank page upon clicking any of the selections.
  • The user has not been added to the Active Users list. Click Here for instructions.
  • What if the user's business unit and user information isn't pre-filled?
  • Contact a core team member to have the employee master update
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