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This is the process to walk the requestor through ordering new or replacement hardware for their cost center. 



Contractors / Consultants cannot be invited to Kissflow nor added to the Employee Master List. They are not permitted to submit requests as this should be done by their requester or Manager. 

Anything other than new or replacement PC’s would be ordered via the “General Request” in IT Request (KiSSFLOW) 

  • User can get to KissFlow by going to and clicking Services> Information Technology> IT Support Portal> Make a Request. 


**Note: Or you can send them this link via Lync and they will be directed to the page. 

  1.  Click New or Replacement PC. 
  2. FOR NEW PC- The request window will come up from the drop down select New Computer. *Note: If the shipping address is different than the address displayed then the end user will need to supply that new address in the field provided. 

 3. The requester needs to click Add New Row.

       4. The requester then chooses what hardware they need for the user.

Note: If the hardware they are requesting is not on the list then they will need to add a note in the Additional comments section on the bottom of the form.

    5. Additional items can be added by clicking the Add Row.

Note: Any custom orders like additional 8 GB RAM or I7 processor needs to be added to the additional comments of the order line.

   6.FOR REPLACEMENT COMPUTERS- The same process is followed from above with the exception that the request type will be Replacement Computer and the service tag the new computer is replacing is filled in.

7. Once the VP approves the request, the Help desk will receive a ticket from, with a subject line of New or Replacement Computer Request requested by [requestors name].

8. The details of the ticket will look like below. 

Note: If there is more than one item on the request, the Daymon Standard will have items separated by commas. The units and additional information will coincide with those commas.   

Please followKB00080

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