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After installing Firefox, the end user is receiving the "XUL Manager" error message when trying to launch the Hyperion web instance from a Firefox browser. 

Note:  Installed and tested with Firefox version 57.0.  Does not show XUL error.  Tried to install add-on, Windows shows "This add-on is not compatible with your version of Firefox.  Production and Development environment tested and both work.  Make sure you enable "Always allow pop ups from this site" 


Need to install XUL Manager add-in for Firefox and add the url into the Domains with remote XUL permission.  


  1. In Firefox, open the Add-on Manager screen by clicking on the Firefox button in the upper left and selecting Add-ons.

2. Once in the Add-onsManager, click Get Add-ons (if not already selected)

3. In the search box in the upper right corner, search forRemote XUL. 

4. Look for a result called "Remote XUL Manager" and click the Installbutton on the right side of the listing. 

5. When the install is complete an Options button will be available. Click Options. 

6. The Remote XUL options window will open. ClickAdd. 

7. Add the Hyperion URL to the whitelist by entering the name at the prompt.  

8. ClickOK, and restart Firefox. 



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