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This article contains the process for granting users access to Hyperion. 



  All account creates must be approved by Divyesh Patel and Jenniffer Sjukur before the process is continued. 

 *NOTE: Everyone in Hyperion should be using their AD account and password for authentication.  

  1. Access the user's environment. Click Here for instructions.
  2. Create users in the OU=consultants, OU=User Accounts, DC=daymon, DC=com AD Organization Unit.

    3. Users will need to be placed in the daymon\grpHyperionUsers group inside of AD. 

  •  Users will then be visible inside of Hyperion security and will be automatically placed into the proper security group inside of Hyperion using local Hyperion Groups. 
  •  For Linium Users who need access to Hyperion for VPN they must be placed in the daymon\grpHFSAdminGroup in AD.  That will give them the proper access to the VPN. 


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