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This article provides the process for retrieving an associate's user ID. 



  • Workday does not work with IE 8 or below, the work around is to use Chrome. 

*NOTE: Everyone in the company may not know their ID. Username is a unique employee ID (Workday number, formerly Ultipro Number). 

Since using Employee ID number as a User ID is new to most associates, it is likely you will need to retrieve this on occasion.   In this event, please follow the below instructions: 

  1.  Log into Workday

using your username and password.  

  • Username: Helpdesk agent user name 
  • Password: password 

  1. Search for the associate's name using the search bar, click the orange ellipsis, then click the security profile.
  2. Click the associate's name to load their profile. The profile will show you basic information on the employee that will help you to verify their identity.

             a.  Person: Here you can see the name of the employee.  You will need to confirm that this is the correct person. 

              b. Email Address:  Confirm the employee's email address.

IMPORTANT - If the email address is incorrect or missing, then you will need to STOP.  You will need to forward this ticket to Allie Stalgaitis ( for her to assist the employee. 

  • Employee ID: This is the employee's user name and will auto populate. 

  4. Verify the associate's identity by asking their hire date. The associate will need to know the month and the day of hire.  

  • If the associate does not know their hire in date, escalate ticket to the Daymon HRIS Team

IMPORTANT - Use the field labelled Hire Date, NOTContinuous Service Date or Original Hire Date. 

  • This screen will also list the Employee ID for you. The Employee ID is the username. 

   5.  Provide the User ID to the associate after verifying their identity.



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