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This article provides the process for manually resetting a password for Workday.  



  • Workday does not work with IE 8 or below, the work around is to use Chrome. 
  • The recommended way for resetting a Workday password would be to use the forgot password function first. Click KB00087  for the process. 
  • For international callers when resetting passwords, Do not use Special characters as it can conflict with the keyboard keys.   
  • For the Workday user name, users should be using their employee ID to log in. 
  •  workday password. Please transfer these user to the GSD helpdesk at 800-573-8861 option 2. 
  • Login credentials are in the secret server. 


Verify with the user if they can use the Forgot Password function to reset their password. 

  • If the user can reset their password using the Forgot Password function, you do not need to reset their password. They can do it themselves. 
    If the user cannot use the Forgot Password Function because they could not answer their challenge question, help them reset their challenge question so they will be able to reset their password on their own. 

a. Have the associate click their name/image in the right side of the task bar.

b. Have them click Manage Password Challenge Questions. 

c. Instruct the associate to select questions with the answers they will remember and click OK. 

d. Make sure the check box is checked forResetting Challenge Questions. 

  • If the user is unable to reset their password themselves, follow the steps below: 

a.  Log intoWorkday using your username and password. 

  • Username: Helpdesk agent user name 
  • Password: individual password 

b. Search for the associate's name using the search bar in the upper left hand corner.

c. Click the associate's name to load their profile. The profile will show the basic information on the employee that will help you verify their identity.

  • Person: Here you can see the name of the employee.  You will need to confirm that this is the correct person.   
  • Email Address:  Confirm the employee's email address.   

IMPORTANT - If the email address is incorrect or missing, then you will need to STOP.  Forward this ticket to Daymon Workday - Administration. 

  • Employee ID: This is the employee's user name and will auto populate. 
  1. Verify the associate's identity by asking for their hire date.
  • If the associate does not know their hire in date, escalate ticket to Daymon Workday - Administration. 

IMPORTANT - Use the field labelled Hire Date, NOT Continuous Service Date or Original Hire Date

e. Click the related actions icon ().

f. Navigate to Security Profile and select the task Manage Workday Account Credentials.

g. Generate a random password and input it into the New Password box.

  • The password will be emailed to the associate. 

 IMPORTANT - Ensure the box labelled Require New Password as Next Sign in is checked. 

h. Click OK.

  • If the associate was unable to reset their password because they could not answer their challenge question, help them reset their challenge question so they will be able to reset their password on their own. 
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