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Process for asset recovery for Daymon. 



NOTE: All requests for Asset Recovery should be handled by the actual customer location for their hardware. It is our responsibility that they have the documentation provided in this KB and to assist in filling out the Asset Recovery form if there are any questions. 

NOTE:  Before the Arrow Asset Recovery process can be done the following attachment (asset Upload Template) needs to be filled out. In this document are instructions for filling out said document on the second spread sheet page. 

Click here to download the below document, this is to be distributed to the user who is placing the asset recovery request. 

  1. Navigate to .   

     2. Click on "Client Login" which then takes me to the client portal. Click on "visit website" enter shared username and password.  Click on "login". 


Password:  Pickup#6     Click Sign in.

     3.  At "requests" use the drop-down menu to choose what service is required.  


Freight Only – Client Packaged 



Arrow Pack and Pickup


For Arrow Pack and Pickup choose "dedicate truck" 

For "Parcel Service" ask if they require boxes.     

   4. Ensure that Cost Center and Business unit name are listed.  Verify in AD>General Tab Description-Cost Center, Office is Business Unit 

     5.  Indicate if Labels only or Labels and boxes. 

     6.  Specify location 

     7.  Enter primary and secondary contact information. 

     8. Download Asset Upload Template and complete and save to your desktop.  Drag saved template the target on the right side and save. 

     9.  If you've already saved the template and you need to add another asset click on "Add asset type" 

Under notes, you may enter any pertinent information the shipper needs to know. 

Complete misc. info 

Complete email contact 

Click "Review". This will take you to a new window where you can review and verify your entries.  Click submit. 

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