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This article contains the process for hardware and software ordering in Procurify. 


Contractors / Consultants cannot be invited to Kissflow nor added to the Employee Master List. They are not permitted to submit requests as this should be done by their requester or Manager. 

Note: Lucas Velez is no longer the contact for Daymon WW.  All orders should now go to Alan Schmidt or Kristin Conner.


SHI INC                    




Anything being ordered needs to first be requested in IT Request (KiSSFLOW). Click here for process KB00101. 


Anything other than new or replacement PC’s would be ordered via the “General Request” in IT Request (KiSSFLOW). 


o When a general request comes in we need to email Lucas Velez ( for a quote. 

o Once the quote is received we email the users manager if under 500 for approval, if over 500 we need approval from the VP. Please attach the quote for the managers/VP's review. 

o Once this is done the order can be placed in Procurify by following the below steps. 



This process can ONLY be performed by a Daymon Core Team Member. A ticket will spawn in the queue from KiSSFLOW. 

To make it easy for SHI, we need to change all of the short descriptions to “Hardware Request – PO #XXXX. 

Check with L2 before placing an order.  We may have hardware in stock.

All new Laptop orders MUST have an SA IT ordered for initial setup.     The exceptions are  Apple hardware OR if they are an office based worker!  You can verify this information via Workday  or Outlook.  This will be performed in step 4. (Wegman’s laptops that will not go on the Daymon domain, get their own image and setup).


  1. Log into Credentials located in the Password Vault.


Click on Request and then on Order Request:

  1. Verify Location is set to Daymon Worldwide. Verify Purchases from the Departments drop-down.


  1. Click on AddNew Item on the right side.

NOTE *If the request is for a new user with a standard package, then you can select the Dell Latitude E7450 item(this included 22” Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and E-Port Replicator).  Otherwise, select the items individually. 

Do not forget to order SA IT, if needed!  Always check Workday or Outlook for users location.

For hardware/software that is not on the list, email Alan Schmidt ( for a quote.  

New items can be added after step 4, by clicking Create New Item. 

Use the information from the quote to fill in the subsequent sections. 

Product will be entered into Product Name in Procurify. 

Account Code is categorized by item type (Note: Any Hardware under $500 will go under “Hardware Non-Capital”. 

Part# will be Serial Number. 

SHI will be the Vendor. 

Email will be the person receiving the hardware. 


  1. Fill in the necessary fields, some should be auto-populated.


If other items are still required Click +Add new item and continue for each additional item 


NOTE:  The only Account codes that should ever be used are as follows: (ACT CODE): 

16123- computer equipment...this is for anything over $500 

16125- Software- Purchased...this is for anything over $500 

63251- Hardware Non Capital ....this is for anything under $500 

63253- Software Non Capital....this is for anything under $500 that is not cloud based. (user gets the license and it belongs to them) 

63259 On site Tech Support Hardware....this is for SAIT 

63287 Cloud Services- Anything that requires a subscription (Visio, Project, Adobe) 

16121 Office Equipment (like printers) any Single Item over $500 thats NOT a PC 

Business Unit Number Will be the users BU 

            6. Once all items are populated, click Submit Request.

      7. Hover over Procure and then Click Procurement on the left navigation pane.

     8.Click the checkbox for your items and then click AddToList; in addition choose the vendor (generally SHI).  Once it is added to the list on the right then Click Create Purchase Order. 

  • NOTE: If this is a DELL international Order use Dell as the preferred vendor. 


            This will generate a purchase order.

    1. Under the SHIP TO use the drop down and put the users BU in the search bar. This should prepopulate the fields for the users address.
    2. Add the users name to the Contactfield. DO NOT leave it as helpdeskSupport 

    Note: if the address is different than what the user is requesting then change that information accordingly. 

    If the users BU# is not searchable in the drop down then leave it as Daymon Worldwide and on the contact Line put the users name and Business unit #. 

  • Please Fill out the the following in the PO Notes:  

    User Full Name: 

    User Email Address: 

    User Ship To Address: 

    Service Now Ticket #: 



             Click on "Email P.O." and direct it to Alan Schmidt ( This will send the PO directly to SHI, then click Generate PDF in the upper right corner, and attach it to the ticket. 

    • NOTE: If this is a DELL international Order do not email P.O., simply create P.O. and generate a PDF and attach to ticket. 

*NOTE: SHI does not have access to Zendesk and will be updating tickets via email, so these steps are very important. 


Update the Short Description with the PO#. 

Please update the customer with the below template filled out: 

PO Number: 

Date Ordered: 

Tracking Number: Waiting on tracking information 

Hardware/Software Requested: 

Expected Delivery: 2-5 Business Days 

Change the SRQ Status to Pending. 

Please update the ticket in the additional comments section with the following template when dispatching to Daymon SHI Hardware: 


NOTE: If this is a DELL international Order dispatch to Daymon Hardware queue instead 


Once Hardware is confirmed received with the user and the hardware ticket is closed in Service-Now, close the request out in Kissflow. 


  1. Follow up steps:


Twice per week the provisioner shall perform the following: 

Browse the SHI queue for any items that are over 3 days old and attempt to expedite the process. 

Browse for any shipped items and verify that receipt/setup is completed and successful. 

Daily, the provisioner shall make sure all tickets are in Pending, checking the tickets that no correspondence is required. 


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