Adding new Computers to a Domain


This KB article defines the process of adding a new computer to domain. 



  • Make sure to capture the asset tag no. of the new computer 


Steps required to add a new computer to a domain  


  1. Check for the asset tag and username from the ticket  
  2. Go to Active Directory 

Or click start run enter dsa.msc

3. The Active Directory will show up 

     4.Then on the left side tab, look for Computers 

     5.Right click on Computers and select New -> tap on Computer 

     6. This will open a dialog box as shown below 


     7, Under Computer name, mention the pc asset tag no. and click on the Next button  8

     8. On the new dialog box, it will display the name chosen 

     9. Once confirmed, click on the OK button  

   10. Finally, move the new pc from Computers to Workstations group in case it has to be assigned to a user 


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