SAS Tablet will not power on




If a user tablet does not power on follow the below troubleshooting 


  1. Power cycle the device by holding the power button for 10 seconds. 
  2. Ensure there is sufficient charge on the device by plugging it in via charger into an electrical outlet.  There should be an indicator for the device charge status (either a battery icon will appear on the screen for the Samsung tablet or an amber/white lights for the Windows Dell/Toshiba/Asus tablets).  Leave it charging for at least 10 minutes then retry turning on the device. 
  3. After power cycling and charging the device, press the power and volume down button to see if the tablet Safe Mode can be accessed. 
  4. If available try another power cord, and repeat steps 2 and 3. 
  5. If the device still does not turn on L1 will need to gather the Tablet name/make/model, as well as clear pictures of the table ports before escalating to Level 2.  
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