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The APK is not updating on the tablet.  Whenever the APK needs to be changed or updated, the previous APK will need to be uninstalled.  In the event that the APK needs to be sided loaded due to non-installation on an assigned tablet for deployment follow the instructions listed below the image of the “Home” screen 

First uninstall the current APK.  Navigate to the Apps folder located at the bottom right of the home screen. 

  • Click on the Apps icon 
  • Locate the SAS APK, select, hold and drag the icon to the top of the screen to the uninstall icon.  When prompted to uninstall, select ok to begin the uninstall process. 

Once installation is complete, press the Home button to go back to the home screen.  Locate the Google drive app and open it. 

  • If the APK is not displayed in the My Drive/Files, press the hamburger icon besides My Drive/Files, and navigate to Shared With Me>Mobile APK. 
  • Click on the APK that needs to be installed – it will start downloading.  Note that the installation from unknown sources needs to be turned on in Settings>Lock screen and security.  The settings menu can be viewed by placing your finger above the tablet screen border by the Samsung logo and dragging it down towards the screen then pressing the gear icon at the top right. 
  • If an error message indicates to update this app, it means that it did not uninstall.  Repeat the steps listed above to uninstall, then repeat steps to install new APK 


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