SAS New and Old System Tablet Types and Assets



This article contains the Tablet model details of old and new SAS. 



SAS Tablet Types: 

New SAS: Samsung Galaxy Tabs S2 and S3. 

Old SAS:  

For the older GAMS/Store Tracker Platform, below is a list of tablets/netbooks deployed: 

  • Acer Aspire One 
  • Dell Mini 
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro 
  • Acer Iconia 
  • Asus T100 
  • Toshiba Encore  
  • Asus T200 


When end users call in for support, it is very important to note which tablet they are working off to ensure differentiation between the OLD and NEW System.  

Refer Sample ticket# 282103 


SAS Tablet Asset Tag:  


All deployed SAS tablets in the field come with an asset tag, a sample of which is displayed below: 


Property of SAS 

1575 N Main St. Orange, CA 92867 

800-649-1075 / SAS-TABLET NAME  


When end users call in for support, identifying the tablet name should be one of the first questions asked. This helps isolate the SAS division and any external applications utilized. 


As a general rule, the SAS tablet name will be the first four letters of the retailer followed by a number – for example, a user with SAS division Ralph’s will have tablet name RALP-001. 


Refer sample ticket# 126152 

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