SAS – Store Tracker unable to sync with server



Impact –High 


User still encounters “Connection to server failed” error to Store Tracker after troubleshooting mifi 


  1. Go to Chrome or any web browser and type in “what is my ip” in the search queue or address bar.  Note the IP address displayed.  A static IP is required to access the Store Tracker server. 
  2. Store Tracker is only utilized on Windows devices. Press the Start/Windows button and run ODBC (32 or 64-bit depending on Windows version). 
  3. Click on the system DSN tab, select EDI-SAS from the System Data Sources list then press Configure. 
  4. Tap on Test.  If the test result says “Connection Failed” it will display and IP address. Compare this IP with the previously gathered IP and verify they are both the same.  If both IPs are the same and they still are not able to access, escalate to L2. 
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