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This article lists the steps to be followed for Store Tracker Installation 


To setup Store Tracker (Filemaker 13 and retailer specific Store Tracker file): 

Download the Filemaker Assisted Installer .zips from the link below to the user device.  You will need login credentials  There will be two folders.

 Extract all files from .zips after download is completed, then go to folder “Filemaker Pro 13.0v4 Updater” and run Setup.exe.  User name should always be in numberic characters, enter 900000 if prompted.


After FM13 installation is completed, open the “ZIP Assisted FM13 Updater folder and run Setup.exe to update Filemaker to version 13.0v4.  You can check the version number by navigating to Help>About Filemaker.


The Store Tracker files are stored in  Ask user what retailer they service for SAS to ensure the correct Store Tracker file is installed.


After downloading the Store Tracker File, create a “Store Tracker” folder in drive C:\  (via File Explorer)  and move the Store Tracker file there. Create a shortcut of this file after the move and paste it on the desktop. 

 Open Store Tracker and ensure the Retailer and Merchandiser ID fields are correct (Retailer field is automatically populated when downloaded from Drive, ask user for their merchandiser ID) before syncing.

**For any sync issues after Filemaker Installation, please check KBs for AT&T / Verizon mifi and Store Tracker unable to sync** 




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