SAS Tablets - Login and Password issues




Below is a list of tablets/netbooks that SAS had deployed: 


  • Galaxy Tabs S2 and S3 


  • Acer Aspire One 
  • Dell Mini 
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro 
  • Acer Iconia 
  • Asus T100 
  • Toshiba Encore 
  • Asus T200 


Impact - Critical 



When end users call in for support it is very imported to not which tablet they are working from to ensure differentiation between the OLD and NEW systems.  When end users call in for support you need to identify the tablet.  As a general rule, the SAS tablet name will be the first 4 letters of the retailer name followed by numbers.  Example:  A user with the SAS division “Ralph’s” will have a tablet name “RALP-001” All tablets in the field ship with passcodes. None of the previous Store Tracker/Windows tablets are password protected – except the ADMIN account. 


Common Issues 

APK/Admin login issues 

  1. Go to workforce and verify employee can be found in workforce. 
  2. Employee profile will contain email address 
  3. Verify email address with the user and make sure it is listed the same in workforce 
  4. Password:  Last 4 SSN that was entered in Workday account 
  5. If user can login, close ticket 
  6. If user cannot login escalate ticket to Level 2

Cannot start visit  

  1. Ask lead to login 
  2. Select visit date 
  3. The work “Lead” will display next to the leads name 
  4. Have lead click on start visit – The only person that can start the visit is the led, no start visit option for the rest of the team. 

Shift completion issues 

  1. Remote access into visit 
  2. Verify that all sections on the left side have been completed. 
  3. Have user enter Start and End shift times. 
  4. If error message “Spent time must equal to Work hours for “employee name”  Spent time -#h, Work hours -#h indicates that hours entered in Category Reset tab must match work hours for employee

Workforce Integration 

  1. Check to see if employee has integrated into Workforce 
  2. Search by Employee ID, first name or last name.
  3. Searching name with middle initial won’t produce results 
  4. If employee is not found in the system escalate issue. 
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