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This article contains the process for phone support. 



*NOTE: Provide best effort assistance to mobile device users attempting to connect to Exchange or having email problems. 


  • All mobile phone support (mobile, WiFi hotspots, tablets, VOIP) should be handled by Daymon Mobile Help-desk 203-352-7878 option 3. 
  1. Collect the following information:
  • Location 
  • Extension or phone number 
  • Users name 
  • If the user creates a ticket via email, put on the watch list and make sure that any pertinent information and troubleshooting information is updated in the ticket. 

IMPORTANT -  Inform the user that the request has been escalated to mobile support. If the user needs further assistance, please inform them to contact Daymon Mobile Help-desk 203-352-7878 option 3. 

  • All Hard phone issues at all sites get handled by TMR. Please send a personal email to Once they respond close the ticket out. 
  • Please include users name, email, land line number and location the user is at in the email 

Note: If they do not respond within the hour please call 203-352-7878 Option 3 and make them aware

  • To order Corporate users cell phones, Email all details concerning the user in a request to and they will seek approval via appropriate managers. 


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