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This article goes over how-to setup wireless access to Daymon locations that have DAYMON_PRIV and DAYMON_GUEST networks. 




Wireless access code is available in the password vault.   Need to obtain new password vault link 

Properties:  Internet Access but no Intranet (No Shared Folders, No PC Password Update when changed via Active Directory). 



Properties:  Internet and Intranet Access, JD Edwards (Direct Access), Shared Drives, Hyperion (Direct Access) etc. 


IMPORTANT- For this to work, you must be on the Daymon Domain. 


This Is a bit more complicated, it authenticates via active directory which means it needs to have single sign on enabled and some specific settings set. 

Go to the Network and Sharing Center and click on "Set up a new connection or network". A pop up occurs asking for connection type, click "Manually connect to a wireless network"  


  • Set Wireless Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise 
  • Check the box: Connect to network even when not broadcasting SSID 
  • Check the box: Start This Connection automatically 

  • Click NextThen click on “Change Connection Settings 


  • And you will see: 

  • Click on Security, and you will see:

  • Within advanced settings. 
  • Check Enable Single Sign on for this network and Perform Immediately before user logon. 

  • Then click on OK, and attempt to connect to DAYMON_PRIV. 
  • If successful, it will connect without any issues
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