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The article contains the process for granting user access to Hyperion Planning or HFM (Hyperion Financial Manager) application. 





  •   Access to the application will be controlled and administered by Daymon (Divyesh Patel or Jenniffer Sjukur they are members of the Daymon Hyperion Administrators). 

 1. Confirm the request is coming from the authorized approvers.  

  • If not, then approval must first be granted before proceeding. 

2. Access the customer's environment. Click Here for instruction.

3.Once logged into DAY-SMSPW01 or 02 the go to Start > Run and type dsa.msc

  • This will open Active Directory Users and Computers.

4.  Right click the root and choose Find . 


  1. When the Find Users, Contacts, and Groups window opens type in the name of the person you are going to be granting access to Hyperion Planning. 
  2. Double Click the name of the person that will be receiving access.
  3. When the properties window opens Go to the Members of tab and click Add.

8. Add the user to grpHyperionUsers and click OK. 

9.Click Apply

10.Once the user has been added to the Windows AD group, escalate a ticket to Daymon Hyperion Administrators

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