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The end user is receiving a browser error message when launching the Hyperion web instance. 


 The end user is not using a supported browser. 


Verify the end user is using a compatible browser. 

*NOTE: Daymon Worldwide IT standard is Win 7 with IE 9.  The application works best at that level.  The app "works" but is not supported on all versions of IE from 7 – 10.  IE 9 is the only truly supported and proper version to use.  Only when users cannot make it work with ANY version of IE we should install Firefox as a last ditch effort. 

Hyperion Only works with specific browsers: 

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 
    Version 7.x or higher up to 10.x 
    Version 11.x not supported 
  • Mozilla Firefox 
    Version 18.x or higher 
  • Google Chrome - Not Supported
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