How to Add a Workday Employee Number to an Active Directory User Object - Instructions - DAY





This article contains instructions for how to add a Workday employee number to an Active Directory user object for Daymon end-users. 




Note: This article applies only to Daymon associates and not Consultant accounts as consultants will not have a Workday employee number. 

  1. Access ADUC on Day-smspw01 
  2. Right click “Saved Queries” > New > Query 
  3. Enter a logical name and description. (i.e. “New Hire” and “New Hire Query”) 
  4. Click “Define Query”  
  5. Select “Starts with” for Name: and enter the user first name. 
  6. Click “OK” and “OK” again 
  7. In the resulting list of users double click the user you wish to add the employee number to. 
  8. This will open the user’s AD properties with the “Attribute Editor” tab available. Switch to this tab. 
  9. Click once on an attribute and press “E” on your keyboard to automatically navigate to the “employeeID” attribute. Double click on this. 
  10. Enter the User’s Workday employee number and click “Ok” 
  11. Click “Apply” and Employee Number add is completed. 
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