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 The end user is not able to sign on through 



 Any of the following could be the cause of the issue: 

  • The user is not in Workday yet
  • Not using the recommended browser
  • Account not created
  • Not using appropriate credentials


  Verify user is in Workday.

Questions to ask: 

  1. Are you a full time employee or consultant
  2. Validate Emp Id and Hire date
  3. If the user is in Workday, then they should be able to access Daymon University. 

 If the user is in Workday and this is their first time logging in, have them attempt to log in with the default sign in password of Daymon123! and their Workday employee ID 

*NOTE: Users need to access Daymon University by going to Click on the Daymon University tab at the top of the page. Once they click the tab they will need to click on the Daymon University Logo to log into Daymon University. The preferred browsers to use with the system are: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox 3.5 or higher, or Chrome. 

If they are unsuccessful logging in, attempt to use the Forgot your password? link at the bottom of the page. This will prompt users to enter their employee number to send a temporary password to their email address. This password is Daymon123!

  1. If an error is received that states ‘Invalid Username’ after clicking forgot password, convert the ticket to an SRQ, change the Business Service to Daymon University and the Service Offering to User Provisioning, and assign to Daymon University Application Admin asking for an account to be created for the user.  

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