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This article contains the steps for logging into Daymon University. 




*NOTE: The preferred browsers to use Daymon University is IE 8 or higher, Firefox 3.5 or higher or Chrome. 

1. Access Daymon University through the URL:  

2. Select your language from the drop down.  

3. Login using your username (employee ID) and password (Daymon123!). 

  • This should have been received in an email. 

  1. There will be prompted to update the password upon login.
  2. Type in the current password (Daymon123!) then type in a new password using the criteria listed.
  3. Click Save to submit the new password. 

*NOTE: An email notification will be received when updating the password. \

  1. Hover over the course that will be taken and click the play button.  
  • You can scroll through the course catalog using the scroll bar at the bottom. 

6. Click the Register button to enroll in a course.  

7. Click on the Startbutton to open the course.  

8. Click the blue link under the course materials box. 

  • The course will open in a new tab. 

  • An email confirmation will be received after the course is completed.  





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