Freezing, White Screen, Mismatched menus - Business Objects - DAY



Impact - Low 


The user has one of the following symptoms: 

  • A blank screen appears once the user is logged into business objects 
  • Infoview is not displaying properly 
  • Freezing app 
  • Menus of application being mismatched 
  • Trailing on screen information not rendering. 



This issue is on the Tomcat side where maintenance needs to be done. This is done twice a week. 



  • Ask the user what he sees on the screen 
  • White screen in Infoview screen – needs IIS restart 
  • Queries running long, connection times out before completed – needs browser restart 
  • Diagnose connectivity issues 
  • Resolve common functional issues as documented in KBs 
  • Document and escalate other issues  

Gather Information & Escalate: 

  • User:  
  • Report Location:  
  • Parameters:  
  • Screenshot:  
  • Description of Issue: 
  • Escalate the issue to Daymon business objects team 
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