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This article contains the process for creating a user for Business Objects. 

  -All Daymon user application access requests must come through IT Request (Kissflowfor proper tracking and approval. 

All new Provisioning requests should be approved by Amy Bledsloe, please list requested Role Assignment and Customer Access!


If the user is trying to access and sees this error they have not been provisioned




  • If a request to add any business objects group that is not of the users own cost center you must send an email to the user’s supervisor as well as CC: Naveed Abdul ( and Cliff Hans ( for permission. Under no circumstance do they get access to the DRC groups when they already have access to any BD or BI groups, this is a MAJOR breach in the NDA agreement Daymon has with its customers.  
  • If a request comes in for Business Objects and the user needs to be added to Financial Reporting, please click KB00052 New User Financial Reporting for further instructions. Business Objects/Daymon Reporting different from financial Reporting. Financial Reporting encompasses Finance, Financial MDF Accrual, Financial Reporting, All Omni*, Specialty Brands, and Wild Oats groups. 
  • If a user is requesting access to more than the group they are associated with in AD then email the user’s supervisor and CC: Naveed Abdul ( and Cliff Hans ( for permission to do so. 
  • If a request comes in from a user asking for specific Business Object Unit that is not in Business Objects EMC, then email Naveed Abdul ( and Cliff Hans ( and they will need to complete that task. Only after they have completed the task then the user would be added to the group they created. 
  • Daymon Japan Users need to be added to aeon group in Business Objects. (Aeon Groups) 
  • Other than Japan all other international requests will be for Financial Reporting. 


  1. Access the user's environment. 
  2. Access AD and add the user to the All Business Objects Users Distribution list.
  3. User account will also have to be added the appropriate grp_SAPBI41-Account Name corresponding to their Business Unit in AD.
  • For Example: For the Giant Eagle Account this group would be grp_SAPBI41-Giant Eagle; For Financial Reporting grp_SAPBI41-Financial Reporting.   

NOTE: There are some exceptions to this, as the group names do not always reflect the cost center names exactly. ex. BDT account is grp_SAPBI41-CIA, if the group is not obvious please refer to a couple accounts of the same Cost Center to see the grp_SAPBI41-* they are in. 

  1. Close request in KiSSFLOW console.


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