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This article contains the steps on how to give your access to the finance reporting tool. 



NOTE: Financial Reporting and Daymon Reporting are two separate systems. 

All Financial reporting requests must be submitted via the IT Request(KiSSFLOW) system via 


  1. Setup user in Business Objects, click KB00056  New User Business Object for instructions. 
  2. Add the user to Financial Reporting group in AD. (grp_SAPBI41-Financial Reporting)
  3. Add in the work notes that provisioning for Financial reporting is complete and then escalate to the Daymon Finance Assignment group so Divyesh Patel ( can add user to the JDE security table. 

*Important* The ticket must contain the users 12 digit Business Unit or the cost center name. 

NOTE: Financial Reporting encompasses grp_SAPBI41-Finance, grp_SAPBI41-Financial MDF Accrual, OMNI groups, Specialty brands and Wild Oats groups. These should only be given to the user if they are of those cost centers. Ex. User is a member of the Finance cost center at the DRC these are the only users that will get added to grp_SAPBI41-Finance. Otherwise, if Financial Reporting access is requested add the user to grp_SAPBI41-Financial Reporting as stated above. 

  1. Close request in KiSSFLOW console.


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