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This article contains the process for adding and removing a user to Spreadsheet server via the Configurator located on DAY-SMSPW01. 

NOTE: This process can only be completed by a core team member and after Jenniffer Sjukur  has approved the license. (Steps 1 and 2) 


-Users must first have JDE access before moving forward with Spreadsheet Server set up. 

  1. Request for Spreadsheet server access is received by ticketing system.
  2. Gather Business reason for request and email Jenniffer Sjukur  with the business reason and user requesting asking for license to be approved for the user.
  3. Once Jenniffer confirms license is approved, access DAY-SMSPW01Jumpbox.
  4. Run the Configurator.

  1. Click New User in the Upper left. (Red)
  2. Type in your AD user name and Password.
  3. Check both “GXA” and “User is allowed to drilldown Journal Batch lines. (Yellow Highlight)

  1. Save Changes
  2. Close and Open Configurator again and verify that the user is now Alphabetically on the User list. 


Removing user’s from Spread Sheet server. 

  1. Request is received from Jenniffer Sjukur to remove a user form SpreadSheet server. 2. 
  2. Open the Configurator on DAY-SMSPW01.(see above for Screen Shot)
  3. Right click the user’s name click Remove User.(See Screen shot Below)

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