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Impact – Medium to low 


Sage FAS is a fixed asset tool for the Daymon Finance team to track and manage depreciation on our fixed assets. 

User method of access 

  • Need approval from manager 
  • Daymon Finance associates usually 
  • Accessed via Citrix ( 

Common Issues 

  • Login issues.  There are only 10 licenses so only 10 concurrent users can be logged into Citrix using the application 


  • Provisioning 
  • Add/verify user is added to the grpXenApp_SageFAS100 
  • KSSC users that need Sage 50 go in App-CTX-Access_Sage50 
  • If error shows no licenses available, reach out to Secure 24\
  • If issue is reported that is out of L1 scope - none of the responsibilities or troubleshooting steps above do not address or resolve issue, then complete template located in KB00158 (Escalating tickets to Level 2 support) and escalate to Secure 24 L2 support.

User Setup 

  • Add user to the grpXenApp_Sage FAS100 security group 
  • Ask which country they need access to 
  • 50 – Canada 
  • 100 - US 

Support Owners  

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