Cogna Novatus – Daymon External Sites Application – Other



Impact- Medium – Customer facing 


Workflow tool for contracts 

User method of access 

Web based, link through or 

Common issues 

  • Browser compatiblily – was developed for IE 8  
  • Prompted to login in – Daymon Directory email not matching with email in AD 


 Troubleshoot and resolve browser and connectivity issues 

  • Login email not synced with AD
  • Gather information prior to escalating to the S24 MS team 
  • Caller info- 
  • Name/Title/Phone number/email address 
  • Issue 
  • Remote in 
  • Screen shots 

User Setup 

  • Kissflow request 
  • Once VP approves it goes to Novatus Admin and they provision 
  • Ticket gets sent to helpdesk with what security group to add to 
  • GRPONOV<customer name> 
  • Escalate to Nagaraju Kodarapu ( to complete user setup 

Support Owners 



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