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Impact – Low 


Yammer is a freemium enterprise social networking service used for private communication within organizations. 

Impact – Low 

User method of access 

Through or 

Common Issues 

  • Issues loading pictures or video 
  • Slow upload speeds 
  • Common questions – Sharing in a group 
  • Common questions – Inviting users to a group 



  • Confirm that user has O365 license –Only for E3 and above users.  Users with lower than E3 license can make request with justification approval to NetOps 
  • Confirm Yammer is up and running via 


  • Information gathering – 


  • Caller info/Title/Phone number/email address 
  • Issue 
  • Remote in 
  • Screenshots 



User Setup 

  • All users with an O365 license have access to Yammer. 
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