JDE Overview Daymon Connect Applications




Impact - Critical


Runs on AS/400

Used for core financials and supply change management

  • Accounts Payable/Receivable, general ledger fixed assets
  • Procurement, distribution, inventory management, transportation, logistics and EDI processing
  • Production, Test and Development environments
  • User needs to submit request form and indicate an account to mirror
  • Account request needs to be approved by director, VP or above.
  • Requester should follow up with approver

User method of access

  • Web client – Users access via the intranet page
  • Some remote users access web client via Citrix
  • “Green screen” access needs approval from Jason Foster. Requestors are typically JDE admins


Common Issues

  • Password resets. Initial login username and password are the same.  Will be prompted to reset.
  • Verify AD account is enabled before routing.
  • Verify JDE username
  • Verify account type
  • End user cannot access – verify web address for errors.
  • Clear cache
  • Verify inside Daymon network via Pulse or
  • Relaunch browser
  • When Host Checker launches window select “Always”
  • Bookmark is listed, but not responding.
  • Printers not present or screen not populating correctly i.e. fields missing


  • Gather information prior to escalating to the appropriate JDE team
  • Name/Title/Phone number/email address
  • Issue
  • Remote in
  • Screen shot

Note:  If the JDE issue is in Dev, make a note of the issue, call the user to find out if critical or high.  CALL Secure-24 and have them reach out to the GSI team.  If no answer, follow escalation matrix, repeat until speaking with someone from the GSI team. If no answer keep trying.  If no response notify Michael Holbrook at Secure-24.


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