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Impact – Critical 


This is an excel plug-in that pulls data from JDE.  Similar to SmartView for Hyperion. 

User method of access 

  • Via Citrix 
  • Need ODBC connector to pull data from JDE 
  • If local installation is requested reach out to NetOps 
  • If someone asks for Spreadsheet only, inform user that JDE access will be required. 

Common Issues 

  • ODBC connector breaks or goes missing 
  • Client install problems 
  • Changes in JDE role 
  • There could be an issue with the spreadsheet 
  • Server not working correctly 


  • Troubleshoot and resolve any client, connection or ODBC issues 
  • Troubleshoot and resolve Citrix Issues 
  • Troubleshoot any Excel issues. 
  • Escalate any server side issues to Secure-24 and inform them to route to GSI 


 Support Owners 

  • Cognizant or Citrix team 

User setup 

  • Contact Jason Foster from Finance Department has to approve license, if he is not available contact designated backup  Erinn McGarrity
  • Grant user Citrix access to application 
  • Escalate to Saul Letterman to complete user setup on the JDE side 

NOTE:  Saul wants to be able to hand this off to Cognizant soon 

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