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This article contains the process for adding a user to Spreadsheet server locally for legacy machines. 




  • Before theprocess below can be completed, a license must be approved by Divyesh Patel from the Finance Department. 
  • IBM I-Series (AS400) software must be installed first. 
  • Use Citrix Version when possible 

1. Create a ticket and add Divyesh Patel to the watch list of the ticket. 

  1. In the ticket ask Divyesh Patel to verify if the user's license for Spreadsheet Server has been approved. 

3. Contact Daymon Core Team member to inform him of the new request. 

  • Daymon Core Team must assign the license to the user before the process can be continued. 
  1. Access DAY-SMSPW01 or 02

5. In Active Directory add the user to the following groups: 

  • GRPVPN-AS400 
  • Finance-RW 
  1. Access dayspdep01\E811 to install IBM ODBC V6R1 i Access (C5R4 Client Access Windows XP     

a. Click Yes 

b. SelectCustom > Next 

 c. Select a destination and click  Next.

 d. Select the components as shown below:

 eEnter IBM iSeries Access for Windows as the shortcut and click Next.

f. ClickNext 

g. ClickNext, leaving all options blank. 

7.  Install IBM I-Series (AS400) software. 

a. Double click the IBM I Access for Windows icon on the desktop. 


b. Select ODBC Administration 


c. Select the System DSN tab then click the Add button. 


d. Double clickClient Access ODBC Driver (32-bit) 

e. Set up General tab as shown below: 

  • Data source name: Business Data - PROD 
  • Description: Business Data - PROD 
  • System: S1028249 

f. On Server tab select theNaming Convention and fill-in SQL default library as shown below: 

g. Hit Apply then OK to close app. 

  1. Install Spreadsheet Server
  2. Go to \\storage\Finance\SpreadSheet Server\V11R3M9_Install\Addin

b. Run setup.exe---take defaults 

 c. Click Run > Next

d. Agree to the license agreement, select the installation folder and click Next.

e. Follow the screenshots below:


9. Go to Start > All Programs > Global Software SSJDE > Spreadsheet server settings. 

10. On the PC Databases tab use theBrowsebutton to set the top and bottom sections as show below: 

a.Change the fields for Segment Lists File: \\Storage\Finance\SpreadSheet Server\SegmentLists.mdb

  •  To configure select segmentLists.mdb and click Open. 

b. Change thefield for Configuration Location: \\Storage\Finance\SpreadSheet Server\SSJDE_V11R3M9 

 To configure select SSJDEConfig.mdb and click Open. 

  1. Close all open windows.

   12. Open Excel, you should see Spreadsheet Server listed along top of Ribbon. 

13. Click Spreadsheet Server, the Enable button should be Green. 

  1. Have the user log into the database.
  • ID: first initial lastname 
  • Password: first initial lastname 


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