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This article contains the process for adding a user to Spreadsheet server via Citrix. 




  • JDE access needs to be established before Spreadsheet access can be provisioned as it uses JDE Security 
  • Before theprocess below can be completed, a license must be approved by Divyesh Patel from the Finance Department. 

1. Email Divyesh Patel and request a license for the user for Spreadsheet Server. 

  1. In the email ask Divyesh to verify if the user's license for Spreadsheet Server has been approved. 
  2. Cognizant must assign the license to the user before the process can be continued.

 4. Access Day-SMSPW01. 

  1. In Active Directory add the user to the following groups:
  • grpXenApp_Spreadsheet  
  • Users cannot access spreadsheet server without being set up in Configurator. See the knowledge base articlke called "Adding and Removing a Daymon User to the SSJDE Configurator for further instructions on how to do this. 
  1. Have the user log into the new Citrix page and Spreadsheet server will appear.
  • The new Citrix environment is  


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