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This is a summary of the Field Force Application 



  • Strategic Alignment section - After July 6th this is a section that will be available to all users. Includes case studies about products and is available to accounts only or public. The case studies are all integrated with Box. 



Field Force 

Application Owner: 

Ram Prasad 

 Support Owner: 

Daymon Field Force Support 


This article is an overview of Field Force formally known as BP Tool. 
Field Force is an executive view of an account’s financial performance and outlook, encompassing Sales, Revenue, Expenses, Operating Income, and LAMP sheets. Pulls financial data from EDW (enterprise data warehouse) 

Client Users: 

  • Company Wide 1500+ users 
  • NAPBD Account Leads, Regional VP’s, and Executives. This group see’s all aspects of the tool 
  • Field Role - Business manager with a customer team will only see the Strategic Alignment section but only for their customers 
  • Corporate Role – Corporate level access will only see limited information in Strategic Alignment sections 


User Method of Access: 

 Access through the website >Associate Login or 

Process for Requesting/Modifying Access: 

All users that are in the Workday system should automatically be provisioned for Field Force access. 

If associate is in Workday but unable to get into Field force, users must receive approval of Account Lead and send email request to Ram Prasad ( 

 Authentication Method: 

Active Directory SSO 

System Requirements: 

IMPORTANT: Will not work on IE 9 
Safari, Chrome or Firefox or IE 10 

 Common Issues/Fixes: 

  • Using IE the page loads but displays a blank screen 
  • Check the version of IE, if 9 then please use Firefox or Chrome. 
  • Getting a blank screen when trying to load a page. 
  • Check if they were using a bookmarked link, if so their cache most likely got cleared, redirect them to log in through 
  • Unauthorized access 
  • User must be in Workday - check Workday if user is there then escalate to “Daymon Field Force Support” 
  • The user's Workday employee ID must be associated with the Active Directory Account. 
  • This can only be done and/or verified by a Daymon Core Team Member. 
  • Pages not loading quickly or slow to respond 
  • Check internet connection, see if multiple users are having the same issue, Try ping and Tracert 
  • Check DAYWWW02 and check CPU usage and memory usage and put it in the ticket prior to escalating to “Daymon Field Force Support” 


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