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This article contains information about the Novatus application for Daymon. 



 The Contract Management system is a SAAS application from a vendor named Novatus. The application has two main functions: 

  1. Creation and management of Daymon contracts
  2. Integration with Daymon systems to create and manage Brokerage Rates =


Logon and Password 



Users are able to print documents that they have access to within the tool. 

Subject Matter Expert or Expert User 


Other Application Information 


Application Alias




Operating System

SAAS application

Any license required? Who handles the software licenses?

There are two types of license:

  • full – approx. 40 users
  • casual – 250 users

Licenses are maintained by Daymon and have been purchased prior to the start of the project.

Distribution / Departments using the application

  • Field Teams
  • Supplier Team
  • KSSC
  • Legal
  • Procurement
  • IT

Bank/department mainly using the application

All Daymon employees


Data in the Contract Management System is designated as Non-Mission Critical to Daymon Worldwide. As such the acceptable time to restore both data and application in the event of a disaster is within 72 hours. If system and data restoration were to take longer than this it would cause an issue to the business.

Acceptable amount of downtime

The Service Level Agreement provided by Novatus states that the application will be available 99.9%.

Associated Business Applications


Software Pre-Requisites


Hardware Pre-Requisites


Is the application vendor supported?


Is there a pre-determined patch management / maintenance window currently established?

Their standard maintenance times are Saturday night at 11pm PT, and generally last up to 2 hours. Prior to any maintenance the downtime window is communicated to all users by Novatus to ensure minimal user frustration.

Is the application being backed up? What’s the back-up schedule?

Novatus replicates data between centers in Orlando and LA, and data is also backed up to tape nightly and transferred to Iron Mountain where it is stored for 13 months.

Are there any known anti-virus scanning exclusions in place?

None known

Vendor Name


Vendor Contact Information

Support Desk: 407 745 3071,

Does vendor have remote access to support the application?

From the user side, no, there will be no user profile enabled for the vendor.

Unknown if they have the ability to access remotely.

How does the vendor access the application?


What are the application support contract terms? Expiration date? (if vendor supported)

There are 2 days of support in the contract

Is the process for contacting the vendor documented within the HD knowledgebase?


Support Group



Application Install / Access / Change


Processes for Application Access / Install / Change

Additional Information


Guidelines for license types:

  • Full Users:
    • Supplier Team
    • Procurement Team
    • Restricted to limited users in KSSC, Legal, IT
  • Casual Users:
    • Field Team
    • Most users in KSSC, Legal, IT, Finance


  • Terminations – S24 to remove the user from the AD groups
  • Changes – forward the requests/updates to the Novatus Admin group
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