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Impact – Low 


The BM Tool enables the assignment of Business Managers at the Supplier, Category and/or Item Level.  These assignments are reflected in the Business Objects Reports from the Budget Reporting Universe 

User method of access 

  • Account lead approval required 
  • Access is gained via        
  • Listed under “Business Operations” 

Common Issues 

  • No access  
  • Cannot login to register 
  • Wrong person assigned to report 
  • If a user needs access contact Ram Prasad to be added to the application 



  • What report? 
  • How are you accessing the report? 
  • Who is currently assigned to the report? 
  • Who needs to be assigned to the report? 
  • What should the end report be? 
  • Check AD credentials for user access issues. 
  • Gather information prior to escalating to BM Tool escalation group 
  • Name/Title/Phone number/email address 
  • Employee number 
  • Issue 
  • Remote in 
  • Screenshot 

Support Owners

Daymon BM Tool Escalation group

Ram Prasad


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