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Impact – Critical 


PackTrak is a FileMaker 13 database created by Josh Morton, consultant from JEM 

User method of access 

Accessed through Filemaker application 

Common Issues 

  • Cannot access Jobs – might not be mapped to the jobs server i.e., never mapped or lost mapping 
  • access to filemaker not provided or out of date 


  • Gather information prior to escalating and provisioning 
  • Name/Title/Phone number/email address 
  • Issue 
  • Remote in 
  • Screen shot 
  • If no resolution, escalate to Daymon MAC Assignment group 

User Setup 

  • Needs to be in the grpXenApp_PackTrak for citrix access. 
  • Jenifer Wailgum will inform which grpDWDfmset# group user needs to be added to 
  • For access to jobs in filemaker need to be added to grpDWDJobs-RW 
  • Confirm if user needs access to SpeckTrak.  If so add to the following groups 


  • Specktrak-PowerUser and grpDWDspec-RW 

Support Owners 

  • Josh Morton, Jennifer Wailgum and Netops 
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