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This article contains the process for making changes to Daymon’s distribution groups. 




  • The following can only be completed by a Daymon core team member as it requires O365 admin access. 
  • Distribution group changes in AD do not actually affect the Distribution group members for Daymon’s O365 email system. All changes must be made in the O365 exchange console. Changes should also be made in AD in order to keep AD up to date and cleaned up. 

 If the distribution list changes are not part of a new hire or termination request, please gather written approval from the user’s manager before adding a user to a distribution group by emailing them directly with the request. 

Once approval is gathered navigate to using any browser and log in with your Daymon credentials. 

Click the “Admin” icon 


On the left hand navigation pane click the “Admin centers” drop down, click “Exchange”

In the resulting screen under “recipients”, click “groups”

Click the magnifying glass icon and type in the group name you wish to edit and double click it to open the properties.

Click the “Membership tab


Click the ’+’ sign 

Search for user you wish to add, double click the user to add to list and click “ok”

Click “Save


Find the user you wish to remove and select it. 

Click the ‘-‘ sign to remove form list and click “Save”


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