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This article contains the information needed to create a shared mailbox for Daymon Worldwide.


Access AD and create a user object in OU "Mail Groups/Resource Mailboxes". 

Fill out the name and login name based on the email address desired.

NOTE: Set the domain to be regardless of the domain of the email address. Alternate Domains will be changed via SMTP later in the process.  Failure to do this will cause the mailbox to not work correctly.

Click "Next"

Assign the account a random 8-character password. Use at least 1 uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character. Uncheck “User must change password at next logon”, and Check “Account is disabled” 

Click “Next”, then click “Finish” 

Open the new AD Object at its root OU and update/Add the Proxy Address Attributes within Attribute Editor depending on the domain of the email address requested. 

For Example: If the account is to be a address, then set the proxy address as follows. 


However, if the account will have another domain set that domain as the primary SMTP by using capital letters.  Set as the secondary SMTP using lowercase letters. 



Wait 10-15 minutes for the change to replicate to O365. 

Once the account is found when searched in Office 365 Admin under the Users>Active Users, assign the user an Office 365 E3 License, and click “Save” then close. 

Wait 10-15 minutes for the Mailbox to create within the Online Exchange System. 

Once the account can be searched and found in Exchange Admin Center under recipients>mailboxes on the right-hand menu. Select "Convert to Shared Mailbox"

Remove the E3 License by navigating to the Admin Center under the Users>Active Users. Click on Account and unassign the account the Office 365 E3 License, and click “Save” then close. 

Assign any requested users by clicking Mail Settings on the Users Account. Under More Settings open “Edit Exchange Properties”. Navigate to Mailbox delegation and add any extra users who need access to the shared mailbox. 


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