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This article contains the process for ordering Visio and implementing the software requested in IT Request (KiSSFLOW). 




  • The instructions below can ONLY be performed by a Daymon Core Team Member. 
  • IMPORTANT: This process MUST be followed for ALL VISIO and MS Project Orders. 

For the Visio Pro software: 

 NOTE: All software requests must be submitted via IT Requst (KiSSFLOW) system. There is a Daymon Software Request form in IT Requests (KiSSFLOW) Once you receive the IT Request please follow the instructions below.  

1. Email SorinDosoftei ( and Michael Holbrook ( and inform them a request with approval came in for a Visio or MS Project license. Request a reservation #. 

2. You will have to get a quote from Lucas Velez and copy Tara Horney on the email. Make sure to include the reservation number for the requested software. Please note how many licenses were used for that reservation number.

3. The VP will need to approve. Once approved follow the following steps to provision the user for Visio. 


 4. Log into and click on the admin icon.

5. Under Users>Active users click on the search icon. 

6. Click on the user and go to Licenses and check the appropriate license type for Office 365 software requested and then click SAVE

NOTE: Here we see that no licenses are available. If this happens and its been over 24 hours since given a reservation number please contact Sorin Desoftei or Michael Holbrook.

7.Contact the end user and direct them to and have them log in with their email address. Direct them to the settings icon and click on O365 settings.

8. Have the user click on the Software option. 

9. You should see Visio listed either in the software bundle or off to the left. Click to install.

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