Box – Daymon External Sites – Applications 


Impact – Medium 


  • Cloud based storage and file sharing 
  • Similar to Dropbox 
  • Offers isolated and branded options for enterprise customers 
  • In limited use – planned as a replacement for File Transfer and PC backups 

User method of access 

  • Desktop and mobile apps also exist 
  • Password internal to site 
  • Self-service password link from site 


Common Issues 

  • Access requests 
  • Recover deleted files 
  • Request access to a terminated users folder 


  • Basic.  Gather information – Caller info 
  • Name/Title/Phone number/email address \ 
  • Issue 
  • Remote in – Screen shots 
  • Troubleshoot connection/browser issues 
  • Assigning access 
  • Accidentally deleted files.  Check trash. 
  • Answer questions with the application 
  • Removing users when terminated 
  • If no resolution escalate any user administration to DAY NetOps team 

Support Owners 

  • Site is vendor supported 
  • Daymon NetOps team are administrators 
  • Issues or if a problem cannot be resolved please reach out to Tom Giblin ( 
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