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If you see this error "You do not have permission to access this applicaiton"  The user needs to be provisioned for this application.


This article provides the process for JDE provisioning. 


 NOTE:  All JDE Role requests (new user or role change) must be submitted via the IT Request(KiSSFLOW) system on

1. Verify that the request has come from the IT Request system. (i.e. the request was created with Customer Contact: SVC_IT Request (
NOTE: If request is not from IT Request please call user and guide them through this process,

2. Since request came from IT Request system all approvals and JDE provisioning has been completed and AD groups will simply need to be added.

3. Please add the user to the appropriate AD groups. This is determined by the user indicated to mirror or see below.
a. For production access: 

o       grpXenApp_JDE  (This is the primary group most users will need to be put into).

  1. For Test/Dev access: 

o       grpXenApp_JDE_CRP_TEST  (This group will be requested for testing purposes).

o       grpXenApp_JDE_DEV  (This group will be requested for development purposes).

  1. For VPN, assign the user to the following AD VPN group:

o       GRPVPN-JDEdwards

  1. Make sure users are in the All JDE Users Distribution List

  2. If the user needs access to JDE Sandbox, click KB00017

    *NOTE: The JD Edwards administration group will send the user their login username / password for verification.  The password will be the same as their username upon initial creation.  The user will be prompted to change their password.  It will have to be changed after 90 days.  The password must be at least 8 characters, and contain 1 number. 

    5. Confirm the user has access and close ticket.

  3. Close request in KiSSFLOW console.


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