Cost-Center Report Changes - Workday



This article contains the process for completing the Workday Cost-Center report changes.



**NOTE: Please be aware of changing security groups for Daymon applications as these give confidential information access and must be changed.

See below:

Business Objects: Groups look like: grp_SAPBI41-Cost Center Name - Make sure this gets change to the new Cost Cetner Group.

Financial Reporting: Group is: grp_SAPBI41-Financial Reporting - Do not remove group Reach out to Divyesh Patel ( email to make the change.

Security group/Distribution group: Groups look like 'ALL Cost Center Name' and 'Cost Center name' -Please change to the new cost center groups.



  •  A ticket will be created for cost center changes anytime a user is flagged as having mismatched information between Workday and AD. The ticket will have a description “Daymon Account Management- Cost Center Change in Workday”.

1. Use the following template when performing the changes…

  •  Employee ID:
  •  Name:
  •  Job Title:
  •  Effective Date:
  •  Cost Center - OLD:
  •  Cost Center - NEW:
  •  Groups Removed:
  •  Groups Added:

NOTE: User account changes are initiated via email.

2. Open Active Directory Users and Computers.

3. Verify the Current Business Unit Number and Current Business Unit Name has been updated in Active Directory. This is an automated process so the current BU should be listed as what is current on the report.




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