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Impact - Critical!  There is a 15 minute turnaround for Marry and her team.

Client Users: EDI Group

Summary – Runs on AS\400

All electronic invoices and P.O.’s between suppliers and customers that include Daymon as a Carbon Copy

Put into EDI and translated from EDI to AS\400 then pushed to SCMBS. Mostly used by KSSC. Client requires AS400 access. Access is obtained via Citrix.

Common issues: P.O.’s not received, out of sequence, missing data Users getting an error message. Users not receiving their documents. Resolution – Ensure that client is accessing application via Citrix.

Gather information from the user regarding issue being reported:

NOTE: When collecting information from users make sure the following is document: Trading partner name and AS2 certificate name.

Is this happening with all P.O.’s or just a specific client? Is it happening with all P.O.’s or sporadically?

Caller info:

Name/Title/Phone number/email address

Issue being reported

Remote in

Screen shots

Create ticket status CRITICAL escalate to DAY EDI Support Assignment group

Application Owner: Mel Wolff –

· NOTE: Per DAY Change Approver Sorin Dosoftei (, Mel Wolff is pre-approved for EDI firewall change requests. · Nicole Calarco ( has been approved as a Change Approver for EDI firewall change


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